Louisiana AFL-CIO Makes Early Endorsement, John Bel Edwards for Governor

Edwards released the following written remarks following his acceptance speech:

“Bobby Jindal and my opponents in this race for governor have waged war on working families and the middle class in our state: they have shuttered our public hospitals, firing countless doctors and nurses – public employees - who served those most in need; they tried to sell our award winning public retirement systems to wall street bankers; they have blamed all our social ills on classroom teachers; they’ve raised tuition on our public college students by 90%, pricing the American dream out of reach for too many; and they’ve tried to tell public employees how they can and cannot spend their hard earned paycheck.” Edwards said. “Well, they didn’t account for the fight this soldier would give them when they took up arms against working people in Louisiana.”

On what would change when he’s in power Edwards cut to the chase saying, “Working women and men will always have a place at the table when I am governor. Together, we will address pay disparity so that my daughters and yours will get equal pay for equal work. Together, we will end the practices in our state that make poverty an obstacle to a world-class education, high quality healthcare, a well-paying trade or profession, and a dignified retirement. We will make unproductive tax giveaways go away so that government can serve the people of our state, not foreign corporations and billionaires.”

The Louisiana AFL-CIO is made up of over 100,000 members from across Louisiana in both the public and private sector. Their endorsement comes much earlier than in past elections, well before qualifying begins in the race for governor. Their significant resources cannot be committed to supporting a candidate until a formal endorsement has been made. For Edwards, this early endorsement could prove to be a significant boost.